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Our solar system is an exciting neighborhood. Planets ARVR helps you to explore this neighborhood using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The book and the applications supplement each other very well. The information portrayed in the book is carefully chosen to deliver a lasting and fun filled reading experience. The application aptly complements the book to deliver a complete and comprehensive learning experience. It has a ‘Space Board’ with which you will be kept abreast of happenings in the world of space and astronomy. It also has a daily quiz; through which you can test your knowledge and compete with peers across the globe. In AR mode you can feel the planets popping out of the book, right in your study room, right in front of you. You can take a snapshot of the planets and share them with your friends. As you turn the pages you will be traveling across planets and learn about them. Once you launch the VR mode you are in a different world, a world in which you are the astronaut at the comfort of your home. You can embark on a space travel that will take you across the planets of the solar system, see them up-close and enjoy the excitement of space. You can also land yourself ‘moon’ and walk on its surface looking at earth. You can also have an astronaut’s view of Earth and Mars in virtual reality. The application for the book is free to download from Google Play and ios APP store. Each books comes with a unlock code to unlock all the features of the app.


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