A To Z Mysteries BoxSet (26 Books)


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Why are there 26 books in the “A to Z mystery case” series?
Because Ron Roy skillfully used 26 letters in English to name each book.
How many main characters are there in the book? All the stories revolve around three smart, witty, individualized detectives, Tintin, Josh and Ruth. Although they were only nine years old, they succeeded in solving mysterious and unpredictable cases in the town where they lived, Green Town, and during their travels abroad, by thinking, investigating, researching and reasoning.

As a classic children’s literary work, the exciting and interesting series of “A to Z Mysterious Cases” can make young readers have a good time! Each novel is moderate in length, simple and vivid in writing, fascinating in plot, often unexpected at the end of the story, so much so that the children who love detective stories, this set of books can not be missed!

In addition, it is a set of English reading books that can be used as children throughout the primary and secondary school stages from the beginning of school. The book has a large number of daily conversations between American children. Abroad, the book is widely used as a supplementary reading material for English teaching. It is a companion for children to read foreign languages and learn English.

The Absent Author
The Bald Bandit
The Canary Caper
The Deadly Dungeon
The Empty Envelopequer
The Falcon’s Feathers
The Goose’s Gold
The Haunted Hotel
The Invisible Island
The Jaguar’s Jewel
The Kidnapped King
The Lucky Lottery
The Missing Mummy
The Ninth Nugget
The Orange Outlaw
The Panda Puzzle
The Quicksand Question
The Runaway Racehorse
The School Skeleton
The Talking T. Rex
The Unwilling Umpire
The Vampire’s Vacation
The White Wolf
The X’ed-Out X-Ray
The Yellow Yacht
The Zombie Zone

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